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Apartments for rent Dnepr Industrial district

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660 hrn for 1 night

Yantarna vulytsia 79

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

Home warmth and comfort

The best way to rest in another city is renting an apartment. Actually, you can rent both a flat and a room in the hotel. The question is what will be the best and the most comfortable option, comparing these options it is easy to see that the hotel suit is much more expensive than the flat. However in the same time you will see that the effect the rest in hotel suit has is not that good, as they are rather grey and cold instead of being warm, cozy and homelike.
Apartment for rent from owners, is a completely stuffed apartment, moreover, the stuff of it will be exactly what you want. Of course, this is not your own home, but the conditions to it are as close as possible. Staying here for a day or more means living in warm, comfortable, beautiful home.
Particular attention should be paid not only to the apartment itself, but also to the portal, where you search for apartments. Renting a house from the owner on our website, you choose one of the best portals that cares about each customer.

Industrial Area

Industrial areas of Dnepropetrovsk, probably need no introduction. Everything is pretty obvious. There are about eighteen companies in various fields. Of course, this is not the area tourists choose to stay in, but for the people who come here in order to work, the flat here is the best place to rest. Besides accommodation in close proximity to objects that interest you, has many advantages, because each flat is equipped in a way so that the people who live here could relax after a hard work shift. Np matter why you come here, don’t forget about industrial areas from the list of contenders for the place of temporary residence in the city.

Vacation with SvitRent

Renting a house through the SvitRent portal, you choose the finest living conditions. As we care about every client’s comfort and coziness.
The portal features a great search engine, which in few seconds allows you to choose the best daily rent, and to do it directly from the owners. Now, coming to the city you can stop in the most suitable conditions and as result you will have a beautiful holiday, health, relaxation, and of course, the achievement of the aim of the visit.