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Do I need to go to the Izki longer than a week?

Few Ukrainian resorts is attractive for rest, because it considers them too boring and uninteresting. The same goes for environmental resort Izki, in which few people plan their trips longer than a week, as it erroneously believed that there is nothing else to do for a longer period of time. Definitely something that if you decide to have a rest from too rapid pace of life, the rest in Izkah is perfect for you, as it is surprising quiet and remote place in the middle of untouched nature. All cabins and homes are decorated inside and out in a traditional style and pleasing to the eye with their beauty. You can rent one of these houses and cottages for your vacation with an electronic service, where there are apartments and houses for rent from the owners without any intermediaries and additional interest for the service facilities for leisure and business trips. This is one of the most convenient way to plan your vacation in the Carpathians

Book a cottage in the ecological village of Izki

Eco-tourism is becoming increasingly popular for holidays in recent years, but few people know that these resorts have in Ukraine. A good example is the village of Izki, which was recently equipped in the Carpathians, at the foot of the Carpathian mountain range, and is gaining popularity among tourists. Here you can book and rent a good choice of property on the e page of the site for a day to relax. The site has a range of budget accommodation, with everything you need, but also luxury houses, with additional facilities such as a jacuzzi or plasma TV. Thus, you can choose for themselves the most affordable and the level of comfort accommodation option and book it online.

Where to go to have a good rest in the Carpathians

The financial crisis hit the pocket of every Ukrainian, and so today trips abroad have become a luxury. But this does not mean that you can not arrange for themselves a great vacation in Ukraine, for example, go to the sea or in the Carpathians. Izki Eco Village is an excellent example of quality space for a comfortable holiday with your family or a large group of friends. It is here that there is a large choice of properties in different price range for daily rent from owners, you can rent without extra effort and expenditure of time. And you can turn your vacation budget in a real fairy tale.