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Proletarskaya daily rent near the metro

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Nice apartments in the industrial area of ​​Kharkov

When you first place is comfortable housing and not its location in the center, then you definitely are interested in real estate in the industrial area.

Here you pick an apartment near the metro station Proletarian using Svitrent site. This electronic resource offers convenient set of features for daily rent without intermediaries, through which you can in a very short time to find and book apartments for themselves without commissions.

Subway Proletarskaya has access to the World streets, the Industrial and the Moscow prospectus, which are built up of the Soviet apartment blocks and modern buildings. There are plenty of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for a day inexpensive that you can remove with your friends or family. But if that option is too expensive for you, you can find a cheap room, which will be much cheaper.

Remove the station Proletarian in Kharkov apartment, house or room

Many visitors are attracted Kharkov Industrial Area with a host of sleeping neighborhoods, as well as modern residential areas with developed infrastructure. There is a large green park, through which to breathe much easier despite the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the plant is located.

Due to the industrial facility, there are a lot of public transport, except for the subway with which you can easily create the shortest route to your destination. These apartments are ideal for stay during the short trip.

Luxury apartments without commissions and middlemen

Most customers are looking for online Svitrent available properties, particularly apartments from 150-200 hryvnia to save their travel money and spend it on something else. But the electronic resource has many luxury options that are designed for a perfect and luxury holiday a big company, a loving couple, or a tired traveler.

Use the filters to find just the perfect option with excellent repair, silk bedding and private access to the roof. This category of luxury housing is represented in the category of apartments in the metro area "proletarian" and other districts of the city sleeps. Although this part of the city can not find a whole apartment or just a room in the apartment of the owners, if you just need to stay for one night and everything.