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Studencheskaya daily rent near the metro

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385 hrn for 1 night

вулиця Героїв Праці 10

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

Apartments for rent in Kharkov in the Student

Apartments for rent in Kharkov near the metro Student will be useful not only for travelers, lovers, students and business people, but also to those who are looking for accommodation for yourself for a day.

After arriving in such a big and unfamiliar city like Kharkov, even for a day, you still need a rest in the evening, cook your own dinner, take a hot bath and a good night's sleep. The hostel is impossible to do so because of the queue in the showers, the lack of the necessary conditions in the kitchen and a large number of beds in the room.

All these reasons have led to the fact that rent an apartment near the metro Student in Kharkov is problematic. Nevertheless, it is quite possible, if we use the convenient service Svitrent, which offers a variety of apartments from owners.

Cheap vacation day for small trips to Kharkov

Each of us at least once faced with the need to go to another city, especially in Kharkiv, a short visit for business or other reasons.

Gathering in two daily or weekly travel, tourism or education, anyone would think first of all about the location, which is very important for a successful holiday.

In Kharkov often come to the young people who come to visit their friends, who are studying in local universities, or experts to find work, and such trips often last more than one day. With Svitrent You can find and remove the one-room or two-room apartment on the day priced from the owners, and not worry that on arrival in the city you will be homeless.

Find affordable housing in the area stopping in Kharkov underground Student

Student Metro Station is located at the intersection of main streets Academician Pavlov and Valentinovskoy, and its outputs are exactly these two highways.

This stop of the subway is very well located with respect to the large campus. It is because of the large concentration of students in the five hundred and twelfth districts Saltov Kharkov region is considered very modern and youth.

Near the exit of the metro are also teaching and pharmaceutical universities. With the subway you can get anywhere in the city, it is profitable enough to rent in this area of ​​relatively inexpensive housing. You can find the site via Svitrent large number of apartments in Kharkov near the metro station "Student."