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Obolon daily rent near the metro

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Оболонский проспект 7В

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Best location of apartments in Obolon district

Obolonskiy residential area is quite large, and includes more than a complex of high-rise buildings. Also, there are a lot of houses and flats shall be owned daily for tourists and guests. To rent a good accommodation in Obolon is best to choose on site, first of all pay attention to the location of the property. On can find a comfortable apartment and remove them from the owners of inexpensive close to the largest in the area Obolon metro station. This subway is the main means of transportation for the locals, who often travel to other parts of the city, because it can be quickly reached from one end of town to another. Also near the station "Obolon" is located a lot of shops, day-night pharmacies and other important elements of the local infrastructure. Renting a flat near such a major transport hub, you save your time and money on travel in the city.

Obolon metro station and its features

Obolon - a twenty-first blue-line station of the Kiev Metro, which is located between Petrovka and the Minsk area. It was open earlier than others in this residential neighborhood. Namely, in his eightieth year, and it is also a shallow station with underground platforms and boarding lobby. The station has two exits in shallow subways to Obolonskiy Avenue and the street Marshal Malinovsky. Location close to a major shopping center in the station necessitated the construction of another exit directly to the complex. And a couple of years ago, it was designed also the southern entrance to the subway. The interior is very well thought out, because it visually expands the space thanks to the pastel shades of the walls and geometric floral ornaments. This is a very early station, which already offers ten minutes to six, and is open until the first half.

Subway near the waterfront Obolonska

Renting an apartment from the owners Obolon near the metro station, you also get a lucrative bonus of the nearby shore of the Dnieper river. On the site you can also find of daily rent apartments from owners with a view of the river waves, or with views over the beautifully-requisite infrastructure quay with lanterns and benches. On the site you can remove a good apartment for a day without the mediation of Realtors or real estate agencies and without commissions to service. We offer only original ads and most inexpensive apartments.