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Daily and long-term housing rentals without middlemen

If your work is connected with industry, sooner or later it is time to pack and make a business trip. Leaving for another city  it is difficult, like you leave for another country and you want make everything possible, so your travel is smooth and comfortable. We are ready to help you with this, offering you our basis of flats rentals daily and for a long time directly from  owners. There is no need to worry about where to stay the night, even if you have traveled just a day, we offer an opportunity to rent a housing daily and for a long time. 

Flats daily rent in Zolotonosha from owners

Leaving for marvellous city Zolotonosha in Cherkasy oblast it is important to take care about flat rental beforehand. Time you loose for searching by arrival can be your time walking in the city. It is better to spend time with pleasure, than in vanity and nervous. Svitrent is created for this reason. Our aim is to simplify and make easier you travel as better as possible. We choose only best apartments and service for you. Staying in our flats daily or more you will feel guaranteed comfortably and cozy, like at home, because it is so important to rest after a working day. Each client is important for us and thanks to such attitude, we are sure, that trying to travel with Svitrent you will return to us more and more. 

Where rent a flat at an affordable price

After long and most likely tiresome travel, one wants to rest in solitude, without waiting on reception in hotels and hostels. We give you this opportunity. Having chosen a rented flat beforehand daily and more, you can feel like at home and rest before meetings. Booking a flat on the site, you see the full list of services, that are included in the price for leaving: wifi, hot water and other services, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern person. You can choose not just a repair that you like, but the most convenient district for living. Flats for rent are from owners, so you always have an opportunity to agree upon additional services. Apartments that you choose will be ready for your arrival. That will give you an opportunity to rest just after road withut delay. Each flat on the site is checked for your comfortable travel. Svitrent is your best companion in business travel and vacations.